Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby, Boy, Blue, Busy but Best...


It was a complete surprise when we heard that we are going to have a baby!

It was because of the prescribed X-ray test, where we were denied an x-ray as the lab assistant needed a letter from my PCP on my health condition, we went back for a blood test. I was shaken when my PCP called me the very next morning to confirm it is a positive for pregnancy!

We saw the little sac in Ultra Sound when it was just 3 weeks :) Each and every moment thereafter was / is sweet and precious.  


My husband and the entire family was expecting a boy when I was wishing for a little girl.  Somehow, I was having a very clear intuition that we are going to get a little boy soon. 

After waiting for 38 suspense filled weeks, there HE came - the sweet, little guy.  It is and will be the most awesome moment in my entire life - hearing his first cry, staring into his puffy eyes, kissing on his red, little lips- I was sobbing, tears running down my face.  


In addition to the happy blue, there were these "Baby Blues" as well.  The pain of recovering from a surgery, constantly crying baby and other emotional aspects tore me down.  

Whatever the pain,  this little pinky cheeks were the best medicine I had.

Busy but Best:

Even after getting help from my Parents, this little boy is keeping me quite busy.  That too, am still on Loss of Pay.  It's really hard to think how busy am going to run after joining work!!

Experiencing each and every minute with this new person, wondering at the little surprises he give, caring on his diet/sleep, receiving the most beautiful smile ever, tapping of the beautiful pink feet -  this is the Best part of my life so far.  Expecting more 'Bests' from this little love of my life!!

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